Piso Wall Sconce Silver 17x76cm
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This lovely wall sconce is artistically crafted in silver-finished metal and inset with a myriad of coloured acrylic gems for a touch of bling - a great way to mount standard T-Lite or votive candles. When the candles are lit they cast a lovely intimate atmospheric light, a soft warm and romantic glow through your room. When the candles aren’t lit, the sconces themselves, with their tall (76cm) elegant style are more like works of art, bringing a touch of design and distinction to your favourite room. We particularly recommend that you buy two and arrange them either side of a mirror or open fire for maximum impact.

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  • Artistically crafted in silver-finished metal and inset with coloured acrylic gems for a luxury effect
  • Tall (76cm), elegant and classic design creates a wonderful feature for your favourite room
  • A great way to mount your candles - suitable for standard T-lite or votive candles
  • Provide soft, diffuse lighting for an intimate atmosphere throughout your