Metal Wall Art “Petra” 97x50cm
Availability: JULY 2021
This eye catching, polished metal / silver wall accent features a stylised eye and is the perfect complement for your contemporary, modern, or traditional home décor. The Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture is hand-made from recycled metal and hand-polished so that it really comes to life under either natural light of track/spot lighting. Some panels are hand carved and beaten to create facetted details that reflect surrounding light in constantly changing ways as you move around the room, creating dramatic illusions of depth and 3D movement as viewed from different angles.

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  • Adds elegance and sophistication to any room
  • Dynamic, 3D piece of art that will energize your home or office
  • Polished finish creates a 3D sense of movement when viewed from different angles
  • Can be displayed horizontally or vertically - looks best displayed at an angle