Metal Wall Art: Calla Lily
Dimensions:80(w) x 5(d) x 40(h) cm
Availability: JANUARY 2022
With its origins in the culture of ancient Greece, the Calla Lily symbolizes life, beauty and fertility. Bring that beauty into your life and express your love of art with this hand-made sculpture. The multiple tones and bright silver finish will bring your room to life with its texture, depth and shimmering, reflected light and become a fascination focal point. Your sculpture will be delivered with integral hanging fittings ready to hang on your own picture hooks. Size: 80(w) x 5(d) x 40(h) cm

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  • Express your love of art with this delightful, hand-made sculpture
  • This Calla Lily metal sculpture brings symbols of life, beauty and fertility to your room
  • Multiple bright, polished silver tones creates a warm ambience in your room
  • Reflected light from the polished finish shimmers as you move
  • Delivered with integral fittings ready to hang. Size: 80(w) x 5(d) x 40(h) cm